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I was born in 1986 with spina bifida. The youngest of four brothers, I grew up on a farm in Pfyn in the Swiss canton of Thurgau.

Back in 1996 at the age of ten, I competed in a junior race for the very first time. Winning this event in my age group laid the foundation for my sporting career. The following years saw me develop from a junior athlete into an elite racer and I began competing in both Switzerland and abroad. In the years 2001 to 2004, I was in the Wheelchair Sport Switzerland (Rollstuhlsport Schweiz - RSS) athletics team and have been in the Swiss national team since the 2005 season. Since 2010 I am a full professional athlete.




‘I want to be respected as an athlete instead of being admired as a person with an impairment!’

‘I do sport although I’m in a wheelchair and not because I’m in a wheelchair!’